October 28, 2003
Ready, Set, Relax!
Posted by Gordon Smith

This is a nice idea. I hope it catches on.

Here is a brief description of the idea:

Ready, Set, Relax! is a community initiative designed to raise awareness about the impact of over-scheduling on families and children. Days full of rushing from activity to activity along with unrealistically high standards of achievement for our children is taking its toll… and has parents all across America reconsidering their choices and their lifestyles.

Ready, Set, Relax! is one community's attempt to "slow down a bit" and to make conscious decisions about ways we can foster a balance between family time, unscheduled time, and outside enrichment activities.

By and large, we have managed to avoid the over-scheduled child by focusing on a few fundamentals: weekly Sabbath observance (Sundays), weekly family home evening (Monday's), and emphasis on education. Despite all of this structure -- no, I should say because of all of this structure -- our children have developed good friendships with peers and healthy relationships at home. It probably helps that none of our children is gifted athletically.

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