December 30, 2003
Madison Ranks Among "Most Enlightened Towns"
Posted by Gordon Smith

Madison seems always to rank near the top of livability rankings. Here is one from on "America's Most Enlightened Towns." Madison ranks fifth. My former home -- Portland, Oregon -- ranks second. The criteria? Cities "making a special effort to foster connectedness and contentment among all the people who live in them." Cities that are "dealing creatively with the challenges they face, places that can provide inspiration and practical ideas about how to improve life in your own hometown." And cities that offer "access to alternative health care, lively media, a breadth of cultural activity, and diverse spiritual oppportunities." Of course, so-called "progressive" politics is also part of the mix. Despite my leanings toward the right side of the political spectrum, I must confess to sharing the sentiments of one of my closest friends, who stated, "Liberals make better neighbors." As long as they aren't setting my tax rates.

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1. Posted by hilsy on December 30, 2003 @ 0:07 | Permalink

I think they forgot to factor in unemployment/economy if Portland got second. We still seem to rank highest or close to highest in unemployment rates amongst states, and according to our own state employment department, Portland has borne the brunt of the recession within the state.

2. Posted by ronin in Ann Arbor on December 30, 2003 @ 4:10 | Permalink

Well, liberals make good neighbors as long as you continue to agree with them. Like Madison, Ann Arbor is also a good place to live in, but, due to everyone in Michigan wantsto move here, so, real estate has become real expensive, so, our town, has become a town of liberals with huge portfolios!!!!! Rich liberals, and all the poor people have been sqeezed out - liberals have managed to do what they routinely accuse the "right wingers" of being - rich, inconsiderate, and anti-poor!!! So, in Ann arbor, you see well-off people driving a $68,000.00 Hummer H2 SUV, sporting stickers that say "Poverty is Violence"!!!!

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