June 19, 2004
Posted by Gordon Smith

So, is this a franchising idea that could work in the U.S.? We encountered our first Nutelleria in Frankfurt earlier today. The concept comes from Italy, but it translated nicely into German. For photos, check the next page.

My first encounter with Nutella was over 20 years ago in Austria. At that time, it was unavailable in the U.S. Now Nutella is available in most general grocery stores. People love it for obvious reasons. The Nutelleria capitalizes on those warm feelings, offering a narrow range of products like crepes, muffins, and milkshakes, all laced with Nutella.

These pictures attempt to provide some feel for the surpisingly mode store. The decor was all about Nutella, of course, and the most clever part was the artwork, a few samples of which appear below. (For a slightly larger version of each picture, just click.)

UPDATE: To see the Nutelleria photos, go here.

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