November 03, 2004
My Vote
Posted by Gordon Smith

Early yesterday, I posted an entry entitled "Still Undecided." On Election Day afternoon I drove to the Middleton Town Hall, my polling place. On the way, I listened to NPR and other talk radio stations. I am not sure what I was hoping to learn that I didn't know already, but whatever it was, I didn't hear it. When I arrived at the Town Hall, I was pleased to see lots of open parking spots and no lines. So I went right in and got my ballot.

The ballot in Wisconsin always seems sparse. We do not have ballot initiatives (unlike Oregon), and there were only a few races of consequence. I skipped the portion of the ballot with the presidential candidates, and marked my choices for the other races. Then I stared at the line for Bush-Cheney. Five minutes I stood there and stared. I recounted a mental list of issues -- including, importantly, Chief Justice Rehnquist's bad health -- and ultimately decided that my preference for Bush over Kerry was strong enough to overcome my inclination to register a protest. I voted for Bush.

In the end, however, it didn't change the result in Wisconsin.

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