April 29, 2005
Packers Tickets For Jail Time
Posted by Gordon Smith

Having just seen Fever Pitch, I was amused by this story about a judge who "ordered a woman convicted of theft to decide whether to spend 90 days in jail or donate her family's Packers tickets next season to charity." Can you imagine the family pressure for her to take the jail time? "C'mon, Mom, take one for the team!"

In the meantime, tax professors are debating whether she would get a charitable deduction for the donation.

UPDATE: Thanks to Eric Goldman, who followed up on the story and discovered that she gave up the tickets. The key fact: the judge threatened to have her serve the sentence during football season.

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1. Posted by Christine on April 29, 2005 @ 10:18 | Permalink

I don't think that many non-Wisconsonians (Wisconsinites?) would understand that gravity of this fine. Packers tickets are sold out for the rest of the century, and I have no idea how much the woman's tickets are worth. If the family has 4 season tickets (the whole season, not just the abridged "Milwaukee package,"), the street value could be easily $6,000 or more (after viewing various packages on eBay), depending on where the seats are located. Would you pay $6k to keep Mama out of jail?

2. Posted by Justin on April 29, 2005 @ 21:53 | Permalink

Gotta go with taking the jail time. You make that decision you instantly become a celebrity. You will be on Leno and Letterman in no time. Probably get a book deal, made-for-tv movie - the Martha Stewart treatment. People would eat this up - they already are!

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