July 27, 2005
Speaking of rankings ...
Posted by Victor Fleischer

Newmark's door has a ranking of econblogs.  His post does not include business-law-prof-blog rankings, but here's what my twenty minutes of research gets you:

                                            PageRank        BlogPulse           TTLB-Links
                                                               (lower is better)  (lower is better)

1.  Bainbridge                              7/10             417                   92
2.  Conglomerate                         6/10             518                  2054
2.  Ribstein                                  6/10             474                  n/a
2.  TaxProf                                  6/10             n/a                 3139
5.  Business Law Prof                    5/10            4408                 n/a
6.  Shaviro                                   5/10             n/a                  n/a
x.  Taxing Blog (no longer trading)  6/10            n/a                   n/a

(Newmark discusses the methodology of these systems, if you are interested.)  Bainbridge is the undisputed king of our little businesslawprof world, although posting cute pictures of kangaroos is kind of playing dirty.  Before you run off and buy stock in Bainbridge, though, compare his trend chart to ours: 

Bainbridge (sell! sell! sell!):   (N.B. -- the "Value" on the Y axis is the Blogpulse rating, so lower is better)


Conglomerate: (buy! buy! buy!) (N.B. the "Value" on the Y axis is the Blogpulse rating, so lower is better):


After some initial skittishness, it seems that, contrary to the dubious musings of Bainbridge and Ribstein, the market approves of the Taxing Blog merger (the deal closed on July 5).

Query whether Ribstein would approve of payola for blog links.

Now if only it were so easy to rank business law faculties ...

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Comments (8)

1. Posted by Gordon Smith on July 27, 2005 @ 21:25 | Permalink

Vic, This is a fun post, but where did you get the PageRanks? Bainbridge has dropped in Page Rank to a 5 (I assume that was due to Steve's prolonged vacation) and Ideoblog is a 5.

Also, it is probably worth noting that the values are the blog's BlogPulse ranking. Thus, as in golf, lower is better.

2. Posted by Vic Fleischer on July 27, 2005 @ 22:14 | Permalink

... allegations of post-merger accounting fraud already ...

As best I can tell, some sites have multiple URLs, and the page rank may vary. I'm pretty sure these numbers are right. What are other people getting when they check?

3. Posted by Gordon Smith on July 28, 2005 @ 0:37 | Permalink

Mea culpa, Vic. I just learned something strange about PageRank, though I am not quite sure of the lesson.

"http://professorbainbridge.com/" has a PageRank of 5, but "http://www.professorbainbridge.com/" has a PageRank of 7.

I made a similar mistake with Ideoblog. Larry's BusFilm site (http://busmovie.typepad.com/) has a PageRank of 5, but IdeoBlog (http://busmovie.typepad.com/ideoblog/) has a PageRank of 6.

Sorry, Steve and Larry. And Vic.

4. Posted by Steve Bainbridge on July 28, 2005 @ 5:23 | Permalink

I'm going to have my new friend come by and give you all a serious pecking.

5. Posted by Christine on July 28, 2005 @ 7:44 | Permalink

OK, I feel like I have unwittingly become part of the geekiest, mass multi-player virtual world game in the world and all the guys are trash talking about what level they are in LawCraft II. This is why women don't blog.

6. Posted by Vic Fleischer on July 28, 2005 @ 9:50 | Permalink

Good one Christine. I may have to go start a fantasy football blog with Paul.

7. Posted by Lisa Tucker on September 20, 2005 @ 0:58 | Permalink

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8. Posted by Joy Russell on July 7, 2011 @ 5:24 | Permalink

great ranking illustration and precised graphs...

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