August 05, 2005
Jenkens & Gilchrist Recruiting Video
Posted by Christine Hurt

This is not a parody; this is a recruiting video for the Austin office.

Download jgaustinspirit2.wmv

1.  Do they really wear tennis shoes?  I had to wear closed-toe shoes and pantyhose (shiver).

2.  Did they pay to use that Rocky music?

UPDATE (Oct. 26, 2005):  If you have been directed here via American Lawyer, then you may want to read today's post on this topic.  Welcome!

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Comments (49)

1. Posted by anonymous on August 5, 2005 @ 13:55 | Permalink

that is the dumbest video I have ever seen!

2. Posted by kristine on August 5, 2005 @ 15:35 | Permalink

That was....horrifying.

3. Posted by Scott Moss on August 5, 2005 @ 15:59 | Permalink

I was going to criticize because about 90% of the folks in suits were men. But then I saw that they had female cheerleaders -- there were a lot of women in t-shirts cheering on the men in suits -- which I guess is their effort at gender equity.

4. Posted by Scott Moss on August 5, 2005 @ 16:03 | Permalink

This is like a car wreck I can't stay away from. I decided to play it again, with frequent pauses, to count the male/female ratio. I may've missed one or two, but I counted 14 men and two women in suits. That excludes the numerous women in t-shirts and the male "coach." I really and truly hope they face a sex discrimination suit -- whether glass ceiling or hostile work environment or discriminatory work assignments -- and have to deal with this video getting admitted into evidence.

5. Posted by Julie on August 5, 2005 @ 18:11 | Permalink

Hey, was that Ted Kennedy running in with the other guys?

6. Posted by Scott Moss on August 5, 2005 @ 20:03 | Permalink

I thought that looked like Kennedy too! But he hasn't acted like a drunken frat boy for several years, unlike the men of Jenkens & Gilchrist, who apparently think that running a law firm is just like running a kegger.

7. Posted by The Mommy Blawger on August 5, 2005 @ 23:49 | Permalink

I worked at J&G's Austin office for two years before I went to law school.

Yes, that was pretty dumb.

The people on the sidelines are support staff. I recognize several people, including "Ted Kennedy" if you mean this guy:

He's actually quite nice, not at all given to drunkeness or frat-boy behavior. I think if I were a female lawyer in that firm, I would have called in sick on the day they shot that video.

"Where every day is game day." Translation: you will be working 7 days a week here.

8. Posted by Scott Moss on August 6, 2005 @ 8:34 | Permalink

That's funny. Yeah, I didn't mean to single out that guy -- I don't know him; I shouldn't assume that everyone portrayed in the video thought "this is a great video" (much less is a drunked frat boy); and he looks a lot less like Ted in his official picture.

9. Posted by Josh on August 6, 2005 @ 21:49 | Permalink

I cannot find the video on the J&G website. Is it still there? How do you know it was used for recruiting attorneys?

10. Posted by Christine on August 6, 2005 @ 22:28 | Permalink

If you click on the link "Austin office," you'll go to the Austin website. The video is in the middle of the screen labeled "Employer of Choice." The title sort of gives it away, but I was also told by attorneys in Austin that it was a recruiting video.

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