September 19, 2005
Advertising Leads to Successful Blogs
Posted by Gordon Smith

Well, I may have the causation wrong, but I just took a spin through the top 50 blogs in the TTLB "ecotraffic" list* and found that all but three contain revenue-producing ads (such as Blogads or Googleads): Blog For America,, and Riehl World View.

* These are blogs ranked by daily traffic. I omitted one site that promised "Naked Pics" and I combined blogs that seemed to be using the same Sitemeter, such as two listings for and another for a sister site, Confirm Them.

UPDATE: Welcome Althouse readers. Just to be clear, the title is a joke. I don't believe that advertising leads to high-traffic blogs. Indeed, I assume the opposite, but I was interested that almost all of the top bloggers took ads. I am not sure what to make of that, but Ann speculates a bit over on her blog.

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