October 26, 2005
American Lawyer Article on Jenkens & Gilchrist Video
Posted by Christine Hurt

The law.com alert today features an American Lawyer article on the uproar caused by my posting a video that Jenkens & Gilchrist's Austin office featured prominently on its webpage.  The article quotes extensively from one of our frequent commenters, Scott Moss, who was a plaintiff-side employment discrimination attorney in a former, pre-academic life.  I wanted to clarify a sentence in the article (which neither identified me or called to confirm anything) that stated that the video was "misidentified" as a recruiting video on our site.

Unless we are policing the borders of the definition of "recruiting" unnaturally tightly, I stand by the characterization of the video as a recruiting video.  I was forwarded the video via email, and the original forwarder was a highly-sought-after second-year law student in the state of Texas.  The video was on the front page of the Austin website for the firm.  The video was made to compete in a contest by nominees for a contest to choose "The Best Places to Work in Central Texas."  Having been named "one of the best," J&G put the video on their website, where prospective law students and other employees easily saw it.  I call that a recruiting video.  Perhaps the video wasn't made with the purpose of recruiting law students, but once it was entered in a contest to name the best places to work and put on the website, it was used as such a tool.

Obviously, the video was made in fun.  I'm sure the attorneys there who thought of the video and had fun making it thought nothing of it.  But, as I heard many an attorney say while I was in practice after someone had made a joke, "Yeah, it's always funny until someone reads it back to you at a deposition."

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1. Posted by Dave! on October 27, 2005 @ 9:34 | Permalink

I noticed in the AmLaw article that one of J&G's employee's defended it by stating that "a member of the committee that approved the video, points out that her group was half male, half female, and that the concept was suggested by a woman" -- which I found really curious, because in the video, out of a "team" of 12-13 attorneys, I only spotted one woman.

Now, either that speaks volumes about the climate at J&G or they did a very poor job selecting the "team" that would be representing their firm in the video.

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