October 04, 2005
Belated Thoughts on Miers
Posted by Christine Hurt

I was traveling yesterday, so I was a very frustrated (non)blogger for much of the day, after watching the President's announcement of Harriet Miers' nomination in the morning in my hotel room.  Yesterday, I was asked for my take on the nomination, coming from Texas.  I don't think I have any special insight -- I never met her, never heard of her.  Locke Liddell, formerly Liddell Sapp & Locke Purnell, is a regional law firm that probably represents its share of banks and insurance companies.  She was co-managing partner of that amalgam for less than two years, during which time she was also the head of the Texas Lottery Commission.  (Nice work if you can get it, I suppose.)  I'm sure she's a lovely person and very good attorney, but so are about a zillion other people.

More pointedly, I am reminded of a story that one of my English professors told me in college.  In 1983, those in the know believed that Graham Greene would win the Nobel Prize for Literature.  Instead, William Golding, a much less acclaimed author ("Lord of the Flies") won.  A writer whose identity I've forgotten wrote a scathing article based on "other authors whose name begin with "G" that should have won the Nobel prize before William Golding."  (If readers know who this writer was, I would love to know.)  Anyway, I'm sure that many out there could write their own lists:  More Qualified Nominees Whose Names Begin With M, More Qualified Nominees Who Were Presidents of their State Bars, More Qualified Nominees Who Were Co-Managing Partners of Their Dallas Law Firms, or More Qualified Nominees Who Are From Texas.

Much more pointedly, I am also reminded of a joke that played in the 1980s, when Elizabeth Taylor was a plump matron married to Sen. John Warner:  We all dreamed of looking like Elizabeth Taylor, and now, God help us, we do.  Well, we all dreamed of being qualified to be Supreme Court Justices. . . .

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