October 17, 2005
The Value of a JD/MBA
Posted by Victor Fleischer

Two recent Harvard JD/MBAs survey alumni and discuss career paths in this interesting paper.  Recommended reading for anyone thinking about pursuing the joint degree.

Reading the comments of the alumni comparing the classroom experience at HLS and HBS further strengthens my resolve to employ the case study method more often.  I also need to continue to work on my ability to elicit quality student participation -- it's a real art form.   I generally get better participation (or at least more enthusiastic participation) when talking about case studies rather than theory + hypos.  There's no reason the law school classroom should be dull, alienating or repressive (as the classroom is described in this paper and elsewhere).

The paper also makes me wonder if law schools should support networking in the same way that B-schools do.  With so many of our alums ending up in-house or even on the business side of deals, must we continue to pretend that networking is trivial?

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