October 18, 2005
Things Not to Say in a Job Interview
Posted by Christine Hurt

'Tis the season for the blawgosphere to give AALS interview advice. Dan Solove has weighed in this week, and there are several related posts on Prawfsblawg.  Gordon's timeless advice from his stint last year as Appointments chair is still here, here, here, here and here.

I have only one thing to add:  When you are asked a question that is clearly within the field that you are marketing yourself for, don't say "I need to sort of bone up on this a little more, I need to come to conclusions."  Apparently, that's what Harriet Miers said yesterday to Chuck Schumer in her relaunch tour.  (Via Orin Kerr).

If you feel that someone is trying to put you in a box for political purposes, then find a crafty way out of the box.  Don't feign (or reveal) ignorance.

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1. Posted by Michael Guttentag on October 18, 2005 @ 20:38 | Permalink

Thanks for linking to Gordon's informative posts from last year. Now I know why I didn't get a call from Wisconsin when I was on the market last year ;-)

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