November 08, 2005
Is Blogging Related to the "X Factor"
Posted by Christine Hurt

Dan Solove has posted version 3.0 of his census of the blogosphere.  You can see at a glance which schools have the most blogging activity.  (I think a per capita statistic would be interesting, but it's not my census!)

Yesterday, Vic was asking about the X Factor -- measuring the culture of productivity of a law school.  Bill seems to say that ssrn stats can measure the X Factor.  I think blogging stats can also measure the X factor and may be even more meaningful in the future, where everyone blogs for 15 minutes.  Take a look at the schools with the most bloggers, and I bet that many of these schools would also be on your list of schools that have the X Factor:

Chicago (14)
UCLA (7)
San Diego (7)
GW (5)
George Mason (5)
Stanford (4)
Northwestern (4)
Ohio State (4)
U.C. Davis (4)
Cincinnati (4)

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