April 28, 2006
Wrapping up the Bloggership Conference
Posted by Christine Hurt

I'm back at my hotel after a long, enjoyable day with some great bloggers at the Bloggership conference.  I enjoyed meeting some bloggers for the first time, like Howard Bashman, Michael Froomkin, and Doug Berman; I also enjoyed catching up with old blogging friends.  I was the last presenter on the last panel (although Howard Bashman and Peter Lattman were the last speakers, being tasked to respond to the panel).  I tried to take pictures during the session, but they came out grainy.  I took some pictures at dinner last night, though.


Eric Goldman and Dan Solove.


Dan, me and Gordon.


Howard and Charles Nesson, Co-Director of the Berkman Center (among other things!)


Jim Lindgren and Orin Kerr.

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