May 23, 2006
A Day Without the Internet is Like a Day Without Oxygen
Posted by Christine Hurt

Yesterday was the first day of the 3-Day Empirical Legal Scholarship Workshop at Northwestern Law School.  The conference is very helpful (to me) so far.  Yesterday's topics were research design, measurement, and coding.  Today, the rubber will hit the road and the topic will turn to statistical analysis.  The conference is being held in a (gasp) Internet-free classroom.  Now I know how students feel when you take their laptops away!  When I finally escaped to my hotel room, the "free wireless" signal was to low to work. 

But today is a whole new day!  If I survive statistics day, I'll live to blog about it.

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1. Posted by William Henderson on May 23, 2006 @ 8:05 | Permalink

Christine, your comments are fitting. When I attended the very same ELS workshop last year in St. Louis, I sat in the back of the classroom--which definitely had wireless connectivity. Boy, can those law profs email and surf the Internet all day long!

Maybe Lee Esptein and Andrew Martin are cracking down. bh.

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