May 01, 2006
Van Gorkom -- The Lighter Side
Posted by Christine Hurt

As I may have mentioned before, I try to carry on the musical tradition of law professors singing to their classes.  As my professor Cindy Estlund sung to us, so I sing to the next generation.  This year, I decided to write a parody involving Van Gorkom for my Business Associations class.  The song is to the tune of Simon & Garfunkel's Cecilia, with the "Jubilation" stanza meant to reflect a sigh of relief after the Disney decision.  Should Disney be reversed, the song will be completely screwed up.

Van Gorkom, you're breaking my heart/you're shaking my confidence daily

Oh, Delaware, please change your mind/it's not a crime to be lame

Van Gorkom, the case must be wrong/Directors just cannot be liable

I'm a director, and I'm in good faith/I've nothing at stake, I'm all that/I'm all that

Saturday in the afternoon, with Van Gorkum/Up in their boardroom

Some zoned out to outer space/When they came back down/Pritzker owned the whole place

Van Gorkom, you're breaking my heart/you're shaking my confidence daily

Business Judgment Rule, where have you gone?/I need you now, come on home/Come on home

Oh, oh Disney -- the court loves me again?/I fall on the floor and I'm laughing

Oh, oh Disney -- good faith wins again?/I fall on the floor and i'm laughing

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