June 05, 2006
Law Review Horror Stories
Posted by Christine Hurt

I'm sure every author of a law review article has at least one good law review horror story.  (I'm sure all law review editors do as well!)  Anyway, I thought I had my nightmare story until two weeks ago.  I received reprints of a recent article, and eagerly tore into them.  However, my excitement vanished when I opened the reprint aon top nd looked at my "author footnote."  The footnote was not mine.  Instead of being a visiting professor at Illinois and assistant prof at Marquette, I was an assistant prof at a completely different school.  I thanked people I do not even know.  I listed an email address that is not mine, either.  I had just received 150 reprints of an article written by someone named Christine Hurt who was not me at all.

Thankfully, the editors are being great about it and are working diligently to cure the problem, which was probably an error at the printer.  As my articles editor was apologizing, I had to come clean with him.  Yes, the error caused me some initial disappointment.  But, on the up side, I now have a really funny law review story to tell, and this story takes less time and is more punchy than my "bad editing" story, which is really quite tedious.  So, I think on the whole, the event has positive utility for me!

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