October 12, 2006
Blogging and Preemption
Posted by Usha Rodrigues

I have a question. This evolving medium, the blogosphere, allows us to float ideas for drafts or get preliminary reactions to partially completed work. How risky is that? Sure, blogs may or may not be scholarship. But does the blogger have any claim over emerging ideas she blogs about? For example, I think there might be something I’d like to write about the publishing propensity of the Delaware judiciary. Maybe there’s nothing to the idea—that’s why I wrote the post, to see what people thought. Blogging, to me, is about circulating ideas and getting a conversation started. But is there any blogging norm that prevents a lurker from stealing “my” topic? I think it’s pretty safe to say that posting a draft on SSRN is staking out a claim to an idea. But what about blogging? Is that enough?* I think the answer’s no, right?

*If it is enough, then consider the Delaware judiciary’s publishing propensity mine. Mine, mine, mine. I spit on it. It’s mine.

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