October 06, 2006
Posted by Usha Rodrigues

Like so many others, I’m currently wrestling with a draft, and I’m having a basic, if unglamorous, problem. I’m having trouble naming things and, inspired by the success of Miriam Cherry’s sniglet post, I’d like to ask Glom readers if we can come up with a catchy, or at least relatively non-awkward, phrase for the following:

1. Groups who advocate corporate governance reform, focused basically on public companies. I’m thinking of the conventional wisdom crowd: “we need more independent directors,” “we need to split the CEO and chair,” etc. I’ve been using the term “corporate governance activists;” Roberta Romano uses “corporate governance entrepreneurs” to describe those who got desired changes into SOX. A recent WSJ editorial used “governance thought-leaders.” Who are these people? Or, rather, what can I call them?

2. All of those scandals, Enron, WorldCom, et al. How can we describe them in a nutshell? I’ve seen “Enron-related scandals” (although they’re not really related), “post-boom,” “accounting scandals of 2002.” I thought of “SOX-catalyzing” on my run yesterday. Suggestions? Votes?

To some of you this might be trivial, reminiscent of the debates about what to call the decade we’re currently in (I confess a liking for the “aughts,” but that’s just because it sounds so quaint). Mired as I am in the quagmire of drafting, terminology matters. Any help out there?

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