August 24, 2007
In a Time of Chimpanzees . . .
Posted by William Birdthistle

. . . I was a monkey.  Beck's line sums up much of the mood at this time of year, when aspiring law professors are worrying about the upcoming AALS meat market.  As I recall, the process involves unending attempts to impress appointments committees -- an effort best summarized by a friend who endured the process a few years ago with this motto: "just keep dancing, little monkey."

Beck may also have captured the spirit of the moment for law students returning to school, as well as for professors preparing for new Socratic encounters.  Perhaps we could all do with Kasper Hauser's set of reality-cancelling headphones.

How to cope?  Here's a prescription -- gentle and soothing English comedy:

[Python was always ahead of its time -- decades later, Whole Foods is only now catching up to John Cleese's astounding inventory of cheesy comestibles.]

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