October 11, 2007
Bainbridge: SSRN "now suffering from a severe case of middle-aged bloat"
Posted by Gordon Smith

Steve Bainbridge has joined my appeal for SSRN to develop an RSS feed. When I contacted SSRN in May, I was told that they were working on "RSS journal subscription feed functionality" but Steve correctly notes that this would merely replicate emails in the feed reader. As a result, we would still get too much redundant content. Steve's demand:

In sum, instead of reading dozens of emails a week, I want to have a single RSS feed I can browse in Google Reader. Now.

This would be great. I hope SSRN is listening.

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1. Posted by Bernie Black on October 12, 2007 @ 8:55 | Permalink

On behalf of SSRN, I agree. The ability to get notified of each abstract in your area of interest, once and only once, whether by email or RSS, is important, and is in development. Development is slower than you or I would like. Much as I want this one, there are other things, also in development, I want more. We are resource constrained, thanks to our policy of permitting both uploads and downloads for free, and can't do everything at once (unlike, say, Google).

"Send it to me only once" announcements may happen first for email and later for RSS. But they have gotta happen, and they will.

Bernie Black
Managing Director, SSRN

2. Posted by Gordon Smith on October 12, 2007 @ 9:03 | Permalink

Thanks for the update, Bernie. That's good news for all of us who are addicted to the service.

3. Posted by Bernie Black on October 12, 2007 @ 13:17 | Permalink

(Posted on behalf of Michael Jensen)
Steve Bainbridge is correct that SSRN is suffering the pains of success. We do need to change the way we distribute announcements of our content. We have in development two ways to help resolve these issues, both through RSS feeds and through customized abstracting journals. We wish they were out already, but limitations on our development budget plus the availability of human resources to get it all done has delayed us far longer than we prefer.

Michael C. Jensen
Chairman, SSRN

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