August 06, 2008
FavreWatch2008: Favre Has Left the (Lambeau) Building
Posted by Christine Hurt

A Texas friend of ours emailed today, wishing we still lived in Wisconsin.  He said that getting Brett Favre updates every 5 minutes wasn't enough for him -- perhaps if we still lived in Wisconsin, we would have minute-by-minute updates.  Well, according to the Milwaukee local news, Favre has left town -- probably for the foreseeable future.

I have to say that I was a cheesehead before we went to Wisconsin (I loved that thing where they jumped into the fans' seats when they scored a touchdown), and was even more of a fan while living there.  My kids first encountered the Packers and St. Patrick's Day the first year there, so they still think there's something called St. Packer's Day where everyone wears their green Packers shirt to school so they don't get pinched.  But, here's my prediction about Favre's revived career.

It will be bad.  The Packers will trade him to a stinky team.  This team will have a stinky offensive line.  Favre will give the team one or two more wins and sell some tickets, but he won't have a great season.  He'll have a stinky season.  And he might get hurt because (you guessed it) his offensive line is stinky.  I predict he will retire after one season, maybe two if he doesn't get hurt.  (I hope the team recruits a star left tackle for their star quarterback.)  Recall how stinky pro teams do when they draft Heisman trophy-winning quarterbacks and put them with their stinky team and their stinky offensive lines.  It's bad.  And everyone says, "I thought that quarterback was supposed to be good?"  This is what happens.

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