February 12, 2009
Welcome to the Blogosphere, Defining Tension!
Posted by David Zaring

It's hard to take the measure of European corporate and insolvency law, though goodness knows some people are trying.  Now we've got The Defining Tension to help us understand Dutch and other continental developments.  From the purpose statement:

The basic purpose of The Defining Tension is twofold:

  1. provide on a regular basis, and in a compact, up-to-date and easy accessible way, perspectives on Dutch and international developments in corporate law - with a focus on corporate governance - and insolvency law, including related litigation; and
  2. serve as an independent forum for constructive discussion among authors and readers. 


The name of TDT is derived from an issue that is of special interest to us: the inherent tension between corporate director authority and judicial freedom to review corporate director conduct - often said to be the defining tension in today's corporate governance.

Welcome to the blogosphere!

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