March 20, 2009
TOTM Book Symposium
Posted by Victor Fleischer

Starting Monday, Truth on the Market will be hosting a blog symposium on Michael Carrier's new book, Innovation for the 21st Century.  Discussants include, on March 30 (the antitrust day), Dan Crane (Chicago/Cardozo), Geoff Manne (TOTM/LECG), Phil Weiser (Colorado), and Josh Wright (Texas/GMU), and on March 31st (the IP day), Dennis Crouch (Patently-O/Missouri), Brett Frischmann (Cornell/Loyola), and F. Scott Kieff (Wash U./incoming GW). 

I taught a seminar on innovation policy a couple of years ago, and learned enough to know that synthesizing IP and Antitrust in the innovation context is a difficult conceptual challenge.  This should be fascinating.

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