April 27, 2010
Lemonade Day: Did Regulation Kill the Lemonade Stand?
Posted by Christine Hurt

Our town, Champaign, IL, is participating in Lemonade Day, a program designed to encourage entrepreneurship in children.  Here is the Champaign Lemonade Day site.  Our eight-year-old is hosting a stand with his fellow second-grade buddy and his little brother.  (I have to admit that the other boys' mom has done everything, and I've done absolutely nothing to make this happen.  And, she's an OB-GYN, and she just had her fourth child.  Not that I am competitive or guilt-ridden or anything.)

Anyway, they participated in the best-tasting lemonade contest last weekend and will host their lemonade stand in front of our house on Sunday, May 2.  They did a run-through a few weeks ago and made $60.  All of their proceeds will go to Salt & Light here in Champaign.

So, here is the value I'm adding -- there are too many rules.  I have added value by pointing this out. Here are the health & safety rules for hosting a lemonade stand as part of Lemonade Day.  After I buy new pitchers with lids and a canopy, I can teach the boys a little about start-up cost barriers of regulation.  During our run-through, we sold homemade brownies, cupcakes and cookies.  Without a license.  Maybe I'll add value by drafting a waiver.

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