August 06, 2010
Blogging and Me and Baby
Posted by Usha Rodrigues

It's been just about 2 years since I joined the Glom.  That anniversary alone, plus receiving the same survey Christine did, would probably be enough to trigger some blogger introspection.  Add to the mix that we are expecting our second child any minute now, and cue outright navel-gazing. 

The first few survey questions focused on that age-old question of productivity, otherwise known as time suckage.  You know, the fact of your blogging comes up at a conference cocktail party and you get the quizzical look of "How do you find time for that?" which I often interpret as "you're not spending enough time on serious scholarship" or "you're frivolous" or "you don't have a life, do you?"

All of which may be true.  

But I still love blogging, for reasons I articulated in this comment last year, most notably:

For me, writing begets writing. You know when you're reading and thinking and struggling with a draft and don't feel like you're getting anywhere? Sometimes the act of articulating a thought--even something completely unrelated to what you're writing your scholarship about--can get you unstuck.

Unlike Christine, I see my posts not as a form file, but more as a kind of professional-sometimes-personal diary, that I happen to share with the corner of the world that reads the Glom.  Occasionally I incorporate posts into articles, but more often I post because it's fun to think out loud for 150 words or so.

All of which is to say, with regret, that I may not be posting as regularly for the next few months as we enter the insanity of life with a newborn.  Or who knows?  I might be late-night mommy-blogging every other day in an effort to remind myself that I can have a coherent thought.  Either way, I'm glad to be a Glommer. 

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