September 02, 2010
Pre-Game Your Government Agency By Determining Its Happiness
Posted by David Zaring

Here's the 2010 list of the results of government employee satisfaction surveys.  How can you trade on this information? 

You could make something of the fact that the SEC and OMB are newly miserable.  You could see that the old classic agencies - State, Treasury, and Justice - do well, but not superlatively.  You might think that scientists and artists like their work more than do grant issuers.  Or you could conclude, given the eclectic distribution, that it is likely that happy bureaucrats are not made by the mission of their agency but by the quality of their supervisors.  Words for any aspiring law professor dead set on a particular issue area, or law firm associate pining for a particular practice group, to take to heart.  The Post has a wrap here.

HT: CorpCounsel.

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