September 29, 2010
Star Wars 3-D
Posted by Christine Hurt

At some point, I remember my brother-in-law saying something to the effect of "Say what you want about George Lucas, but he has caused me to buy the same three movies three times in different formats."  So, we paid movie tickets to see VI, V and VI long ago, then bought them on VHS a decade later, then paid movie tickets to see them re-released with extra special effects (including the smaller, walking Jabba the Hut), then bought the enhanced movies on VHS, then bought tickets to see I, II, and III, then bought them all on DVD.  Well, apparently this is not enough for George Lucas.

Starting in 2012, all six movies will be re-released in, yes, 3-D.  Starting with the worst, The Phantom Menace.  Will 3-D make it better?  Doubtful.  In theaters today, there seems to be a small number of movies for which 3-D seems perfectly suited (Avatar) and a large number of movies for which 3-D is an unnecessary and expensive add-on (Clash of the Titans).  But, it will give each Star Wars movie another shot at being the highest-grossing movie of all time, at least until Gone With the Wind is released in 3-D.

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