October 08, 2010
WSJ Law Blog Disses Erik Estrada
Posted by Christine Hurt

Just yesterday, my daughter tells me that she used Erik Estrada in her extra credit sentence on her Spanish quiz and got a lollipop.  But today, the Law Blog confesses, "We always liked Jon more than Ponch."  What?  That must be the royal we, because the we over here can't even remember Jon.  (I actually didn't watch CHiPS much, even with only 4 channels, because I thought it was boring.)  Law Blog tells us that the actor's name was Larry Wilcox, and he has been caught in a sting operation for securities fraud relating to microcap companies.  OK, no one knows the name Larry Wilcox, and that's why he has resorted to securities fraud as a way to make a living.

On the other hand, my eleven year-old girl knows who Erik Estrada is.

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