February 16, 2011
A Börse with No Name
Posted by Usha Rodrigues

You've probably seen the headlines: the Germans are coming! The Germans are coming! 

I must admit that news of Deutche Börse's takeover of the NYSE stuck a nationalist chord in me that took me by surprise.  Followers of the Big Board's organizational history know that it was a nonprofit until 2005.  In terms of my analysis in Entity and Identity, as the exchange grew bigger and seats became more of a commodity and less about individual relationships, the NYSE became less of an identity organization, and thus the nonprofit form made less and less sense for it.  In the increasingly competitive world exchange market merging might be inevitable, but something still seems wrong with a NYSE that's not majority-owned by U.S. shareholders. 

For your amusement, here are some possible names (some serious, some funny) for the new exchange, courtesy of the WSJ:

  • NYSE Deutsche Börse

• Borsa Americana

• Euro-American Stock Exchange, or EASE

• The Exchange

• Big Börse

• Denyex, short for DEutscheNewYorkEuropeaneXchange

• New York Frankfuerter Börse, or NYFB

• Global Bourse, or GloBo

• The Haus

And the totally humorous ones:

• Stocks and Schnitzel

• Fuhgettaboutitbörse

• New York Borscht

• AufwiderBorse

I like the Big Börse.


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