August 19, 2011
Should You Write A Casebook? Victoria Nourse May Be Able To Advise You
Posted by David Zaring

We'll leave it to others to decide whether the various disclosures required to become a federal judge are too onerous.  But they are interesting.  One tidbit from a disclosure roundup that caught my eye from the Blog of the Legal Times was Wisconsin professor Victoria Nourse's reported royalty income (she's been nominated to the 7th Circuit).  Nourse has published a well-received book on Skinner v. Oklahoma, with a trade press.  And she's a co-author on Mary Becker's Feminist Jurisprudence casebook.  

Two books - that's a lot of work!  Are the rewards commensurate?  The psychic renumeration may be great, but if Nourse is like many other law professors, the hourly rate of compensation is less so.  In 2009, Nourse reported royalty income of $809.  Which is only slightly more than I paid for my first car, a 1986 Chevy Nova with no a/c and AM radio.  One the other hand, it could probably allow Nourse to spring for 180 of Tim Geithner's 50th birthday cakes.

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