February 04, 2013
The AIG Story, By Hank Greenberg And Larry Cunningham
Posted by David Zaring
Hank Greenberg's memoir of his time at AIG is out, and friend of the Glom Larry Cunningham has helped him craft it.  I had a chance to look at an early copy, and I think it's well worth your time.  Larry has done this sort of collaborative writing before, with Warren Buffett, and the subject of this story - a company that grew large with a famous executive, lost said executive via Eliot Spitzer's investigations, and then epically collapsed during the financial crisis - is unsurpassed.  Greenberg also, as we've had occasion to note, is, through his takings claim against the United States, is pursuing one of the few actions that might lead to a judicial evaluation of what the government did during the financial crisis.  It's great to see the book on sale and great to see it getting press

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