April 02, 2013
Henry Blodget Seeks Reinstatement
Posted by David Zaring

If you like worrying about the future of business news, you might like this profile of Henry Blodget in the New Yorker, with the Times take here.  Business Insider is so, so dumb, and yet the new model for content, where good writing appears to be discouraged (see also Huffington Post, eHow, LiveStrong, Amalgamated Content, etc, etc).  That said, I'm generally impressed with Blodget, who was a pretty sympathetic defendant during the Eliot Spitzer era, and who completely reinvented himself as a journalist, and then as a content entrepreneur.  He's a pretty good journalist, too (his eye for talent, though...I'm just going to assume he's excellent at paying low).

The newsy bit is that he's contemplating seeking to have his lifetime bar overturned.  And the question to me is "why bother?"  You'd only want to do it if he's looking to sell BI asap, and if - and this could be true - it isn't very profitable, meaning he'd prefer to be back in finance.  That would be yet another career change, and in its own way depressing from the perspective of consumers of business journalism too - a field so unprofitable that it does not even pay to do it poorly.

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