April 08, 2013
More on Business and International Law
Posted by David Zaring

If you'll excuse the outsource, and personal stake, I find the efforts to bridge the gaps betrween international law and business law to be interesting, partly because the gaps are so big.  International law basically stops thinking about business after it starts thinking about the WTO and investor-state arbitrations.  There are many efforts to change that, however, and Friday's post was part of my bit to spread the news about the economic law panels at the American Society of International Law's annual meeting.  Here's some other recaps of portions of that meeting that might interest you, if you're interested in that sort of thing:

1) The Challenges for ASEAN: The South China Sea, Investment Protection, and Myanmar

2) G-20 and Beyond––The Influence of Emerging Countries on the Architecture of International Economic Law

3) Unquenchable Thirst: The Outlook for Energy 

4) Evolution of Economic Sanctions: Where Do we Stand with Financial Sanctions 

5) Alternatives to Investor-State Arbitration in a Multipolar World

6) Anti-Corruption Initiatives in a Multi-Polar World

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