April 12, 2013
Seen Lately
Posted by David Zaring
  • If you haven't seen Steven Davidoff's discussion of the amusingly active trading in dead people walking stocks Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, you'll want to give it a look.
  • Continuing the international law theme around here, Kent Greenfield, along with Judge Nancy Gertner, have filed a brief in the shareholder suit against Hershey accusing it of tolerating child labor, and seeking inspection.  They argue that 
    • The reality of chocolate production in western Africa, linked with the dominant role of defendant Hershey corporation in the world chocolate market, gives rise to a more-than-reasonable presumption that Hershey is toward the top end of the continuum of accountability for illegal acts, providing a more than “credible basis” for the shareholder plaintiff’s claim for inspection. 
  • Here's a nice wrap of the DC Circuit's resolution of the dispute between the CFTC and FERC over whether FERC could impose fines for manipulation of the energy futures market.  The answer is, despite FERC's increasing efforts as a financial regulator, no.

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