April 29, 2013
Skeptical Of The SEC's New Whistleblower Program
Posted by David Zaring

I've got a piece up over at the Times/DealBook on the SEC's whistleblower program, picking lots of nits. Here's a taste, and there's more here:

a whistle-blower program is a privatization approach, not unlike hiring a private company to run a prison. But for the S.E.C., it is law enforcement that is being privatized. Rather than being able to take aim at particularly worrisome corners of the securities markets, the program leaves the S.E.C. beholden to tippees. Moreover, if Congress believes whistle-blowers, rather than the agency, are doing the work, it will have yet another justification for placing tight limits on the agency’s budget.

Do check it out, and let me know your thoughts, either down below or thataway.

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