June 21, 2013
Lawsky The Latest New York Edition And Resolution In Europe
Posted by David Zaring

I'm keeping my eye on a couple of stories:

  • Ben Lawsky is a smart guy; but I think it is fair to say that his latest Iran-financing fine - $250 million, after federal regulators imposed $8 million - makes it look like he's interested in alienating Wall Street in the Spitzer style.  That's a New York thing for ambitious politicians, so we'll see if he ends up running for AG - and how well-funded his opponent in the democratic primary will be.  Check out this leaked grumbling from the Treasury Department about it all.
  • The hardest thing for cross-border financial regulation has proven to be sorting out cross-border resolution authority for banks, which is perceived to be a) a critical component of soothing financial crises, b) a real problem in the last financial crisis, with everyone racing to their own courthouses after Lehman fell, and c) the object of a concerted global effort for reform, which has amounted to almost nothing.  So the ongoing efforts in Europe to develop continent-wide resolution authority procedures are interesting, particularly this:
    • "The ministers decided to oblige countries to contribute 20 percent of any capital increase as a way to encourage governments to prevent mismanagement or losses at banks, a demand made by countries like Germany."

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