July 02, 2013
Brummer On Using Foreign Cooperation To Save Dodd-Frank
Posted by David Zaring

Georgetown's Chris Brummer has a pretty interesting take on realizing the potential of Dodd-Frank over at the Huffington Post.  Here's a taste:

Dodd-Frank is already under attack--and not just from the usual suspects like special interests, but also from globalization itself. Because of the international nature of today's financial markets, many of the objectives embraced in Dodd-Frank--from trading OTC derivatives on exchanges and centralized clearing to hiving off or limiting the activities of too-big-to-fail banks--require international cooperation to actually be effective. Without it, the United States can certainly try to unilaterally regulate the world. But chances are, go-it-alone strategies will just force still dangerous transactions offshore, or push some of our closest trading partners to retaliate against us, or just as damaging, ignore the US government when it asks for help pursuing its own objectives abroad.

And you know where to find the rest.

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