July 02, 2013
Me, In DealBook On Neither Admit Nor Deny Settlements At The SEC
Posted by David Zaring

I'm for them - do give it a look.  Here's a taste:

The new policy, however, will make pursuing the big fish draining. For the large cases, it will mean that there are only two possible outcomes: a civil trial with a verdict, or an admission of guilt by the defendant, which will lead to serious follow-on litigation.

It is particularly troubling given that the new S.E.C. chairwoman, Mary Jo White, has said she would like to prioritize securities fraud cases. Those cases are hard enough to win to begin with. They frequently involve large public companies that may balk rather than make an admission and face litigation from plaintiffs’ lawyers who did not discover and bring cases on their own before the S.E.C. action.

One can also assume that making the price of admissions high will make the price of fines correspondingly low.


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