September 12, 2013
Listicle: Citations To The Most Cited Article In Select Business Law Journals
Posted by David Zaring

We like the developing Harvard Business Law Review, and we are very proud that our own Gordon Smith has penned the third most cited article in the Journal of Corporation Law's history.  But how big a hit is a hit in one of these journals?  Herewith, the number of citations to the most cited articles in five of them:

248 - Business Lawyer (2002)

200 - Journal of Corporation Law (2002)

124 - Delaware Journal of Corporate Law (2007)

95 -  American Business Law Journal (2000)

43 -  Berkeley Journal of Business Law (2007) 

The dates are the dates of those most cited articles; it is worth noting that The Business Lawyer has been around for a long time, and has published lots of things, making it quite the tournament to finish top of (so congratulations, John Coffee!), while the Berkeley Business Law Journal is still in volume single digits.  Still, credit to JCL, which has really occupied a niche.  

By way of comparison, William Cary's Yale Law Journal piece "Reflections on Delaware" has been ctied 985 times.  

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