October 08, 2013
Jeremy Stein Is No Fan Of Money Market Funds
Posted by David Zaring

The Fed board member finished off a speech on October 4 by laying into money market funds:

I would be remiss if I did not remind you of another, highly complementary area where reform is necessary: the money market fund sector. Money funds are among the most significant repo lenders to broker-dealer firms, and an important source of fire-sale risk comes from the fragility of the current money fund model. This fragility stems in part from their capital structures--the fact that they issue stable-value demandable liabilities with no capital buffer or other explicit loss-absorption capacity--which make them highly vulnerable to runs by their depositors. I welcome the work of the Securities and Exchange Commission on this front, particularly its focus on floating net asset values, and look forward to concrete action. Another source of fragility arises from money funds investing in repo loans collateralized by assets that they are unwilling or unable to hold if things go bad. This feature creates an incentive for them to withdraw repo financing from broker-dealers at the first sign of counterparty risk, even if the underlying collateral is in good shape. 

For those reading between the lines, this "I care what the SEC is doing with MMFs" might be viewed as a threat, both to the industry and the agency.  The Fed may be telling the SEC that it will step in, via the FSOC process, to regulate the funds as systemtically destabilizing (and therefore in need of SIFI designation), if the SEC doesn't sort them out itself.  One thing is clear: Stein has no doubt that the funds are fraught with danger.

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