February 06, 2014
Academic, Know Thyself
Posted by Usha Rodrigues

 I've been quite busy so far this semester, juggling two and a half classes, finishing up a symposium piece and trying to rework a piece for submission this spring. (Sometimes I think of channeling Richard Scarry with a "What Do Law Professors Do All Day?" post.  Gripping as that tale would be, it would lack the Tyrolean charm of a be-sneakered Lowly Worm and the unlikely disasters of Mr. Frumble.  Perhaps best not.)

On that last task, I was finally able to turn back to my spring piece in earnest last week (I know the window's maybe/possibly/definitely open.  Please don't tell me). I presented the paper a few times in the fall and got excellent feedback that convinced me I need to take the data I have in a different direction.  I spent this past Monday getting back up to speed on the draft, and then kind of spun my wheels, reading legislative history, taking some notes, not making much headway.  As the day wound down into futility I thought--you know, I'll go running tomorrow and figure this all out.  Sure enough, about 15 minutes in to my morning run, I had rethought the paper and had a new direction mapped out. 

Of course my big rethink might come to naught.  But it is nice to know myself well enough to recognize when I'm stuck, and to know how to get unstuck.  That oracle was on to something.

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