June 15, 2014
Father's Day
Posted by Gordon Smith

Father's Day has special meaning to me this year because my son Conrad will be giving his "farewell" talk at church before commencing his missionary work in Berlin, Germany. He enters the Missionary Training Center on Wednesday, and we will not see him (except via Skype twice a year) for two years. This morning, we made our traditional trek to the Provo Temple for some family photos, and here I am with Conrad ...


Conrad is a twin, and his brother Christian is planning to serve a mission after attending fall semester at BYU. After 18 years of inseparability, I will miss seeing these two goofing together for the next two and a half years ...


Earlier this week, I had another father moment, as my oldest daughter gave birth to our first grandchild, Esther Anne Randle. Here is Esther at three days old:


Being a law professor is a great job, but it is nothing compared with being a father. Reflecting on all of this, I actually got a bit teary watching this Father's Day message ...

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