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The Revolving Door And Steve Cohen (December 17, 2014)

The Times reports: The billionaire investor, who managed to fend off a criminal insider trading investigation of himself, if not... (Category: Administrative Law, Securities, White Collar Crime)

Would I Buy a MoviePass? (December 16, 2014)

So, readers here know that I go to the movies a lot. A lot. I really like movies, and movies... (Category: Film)

The Political Economy and the Regulatory Sine Curve (December 16, 2014)

The answer to David's question, Will The Swaps Pushout Rule Die In The Cromnibus?, was...no! Here's the bill itself. A... (Category: Politics)

Will The Swaps Pushout Rule Die In The Cromnibus? (December 11, 2014)

One dodgy thing that is being included in the currently debated spending bill is a substantive provision repealing a much-hated-by-banks... (Category: Administrative Law, Finance, Financial Crisis, Financial Institutions)

CFP: National Business Law Scholars Conference (December 09, 2014)

National Business Law Scholars Conference Thursday & Friday, June 4-5, 2015 Seton Hall University School of Law, Newark, NJ This... (Category: Calls for Papers)

The International Review Of The Quality Of American Financial Supervision (December 08, 2014)

The Basel committee enforces through peer pressure, rather than through resort to a formal dispute settlement process, and the peer... (Category: Administrative Law, Finance, Financial Institutions, Globalization/Trade)

The 11 Most Influential People In Business Ethics (December 08, 2014)

This not at all silly list reveals the following: #1 William Dudley – President and CEO, Federal Reserve Bank of... (Category: Administrative Law, Finance)

Words for my father (December 05, 2014)

My father, Eusebio Leo Rodrigues, died last month at age 87. He was a professor of English at Georgetown for... (Category: Wisdom and Virtue)

CEO Health Disclosures: JPMorgan Edition (December 05, 2014)

Not to pile on, but there's the slightly unsettling trned of CEOs talking, or not, about their health. Surely material... (Category: Finance, Financial Institutions, Securities)

The Freeport Derivative Settlement .. Or Is It A Holdup? (December 02, 2014)

This really isn't my area, but via Matt Levine, note this: The Freeport case was filed as a so-called “derivative”... (Category: Corporate Governance, Corporate Law)

Family Film Blogging: Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 (December 01, 2014)

Before the Thanksgiving week (which found us in Disneyland (!!)), my thirteen year-old son and I went to the "midnight"... (Category: )

Does The Revolving Door Work Differently For Bank Supervisors (November 25, 2014)

We write about the revolving door here, and elsewhere, and we're not as worried about it as some. So what... (Category: Administrative Law, Finance, Financial Institutions)

Conflict Minerals Rule Heads For Panel Rehearing (November 19, 2014)

Which means a redo of the argument. We'll outsource, via Corporate Counsel, to Cooley: The D.C. Circuit court of Appeals... (Category: Administrative Law, Securities)

Bainbridge on Fee-Shifting Bylaws (November 18, 2014)

5 days ago the WSJ published an opinion piece on Delaware's fee shifting bylaws. I read it with interest, thinking... (Category: Corporate Governance, Corporate Law, Delaware)

Battling A SIFI Designation (November 17, 2014)

Over at DealBook, I've got a take on MetLife's claim that it will be suing over its designation as a... (Category: Administrative Law, Finance, Financial Crisis, Financial Institutions)

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