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Peter Conti-Brown: The Next Symposium (April 04, 2016)

I trust you all enjoyed our symposium on The Power And Independence of the Federal Reserve. There's another one starting... (Category: Administrative Law, Finance, Financial Crisis, Financial Institutions)

Colorado Law Transactional Threepeat (April 04, 2016)

Congratulations to my three Colorado Law students Stephanie Drumm, Josh Kohler, and Parker Steel who were named co-national champions (along... (Category: Law Schools/Lawyering)

Family Film Blogging: Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice (April 01, 2016)

So, our family did not go see any of the Easter-related movies this past weekend (Risen, The Young Messiah). No,... (Category: Film)

Call for Papers: Business and Human Rights Scholars Conference (March 30, 2016)

Business and Human Rights Scholars Conference University of Washington School of Law, Seattle, Washington September 16-17, 2016 The University of... (Category: Calls for Papers)

D. Gordon Smith Named New Dean of J. Reuben Clark Law School, Brigham Young University (March 29, 2016)

Congratulations are in order for our own Gordon Smith, who was recently named the new dean of BYU Law School... (Category: Administrative)

Song of Myself: Walker on SEC ALJs (March 23, 2016)

I've got an article on the constitutionality of the SEC's administrative proceedings (bottom line: they are clearly constitutional), and Chris... (Category: Administrative Law, Securities)

Book Club: Peter Conti-Brown’s Response - Is Democracy Good For The Fed? (March 22, 2016)

My thanks to my inimitable friend and colleague David Zaring for hosting this book club and for inviting me to... (Category: Book Club, Books, Finance, Financial Crisis, Financial Institutions)

Book Club: The Independence Fetish (March 19, 2016)

In The Power and Independence of the Federal Reserve, Peter Conti-Brown has written an accessible book about the Fed. Did... (Category: Book Club)

Book Club: Staff Against Governors At The Fed (March 19, 2016)

How much of what the Fed does is controlled by its political leaders? Peter's book makes a case for "less... (Category: Book Club)

Book Club: Balancing Technocracy with Democracy (March 18, 2016)

A thesis: Fed appointees cannot have the expertise necessary to do their job without also being wed to some of... (Category: Book Club)

Book Club: How Does The Fed Actually Work, And How Can We Tell? (March 17, 2016)

Peter's book on the Fed represents, among other things, a take on how you figure out what a particular government... (Category: Book Club, Books, Finance)

Book Club: Is it okay to "Bork" a Federal Reserve appointee? (March 16, 2016)

I wanted to start off our book club on Peter Conti-Brown's engaging and thoughtful book, "The Power and Independence of... (Category: Book Club)

Book Club For Peter Conti-Brown: The Power and Independence of the Federal Reserve (March 16, 2016)

We're going to put together a few takes on Peter's excellent book on the Fed. He's an invaluable colleague of... (Category: Book Club, Books, Financial Institutions)

Adios To Steve Bradford, From The Blogosphere (March 14, 2016)

He will be missed. The Business Law Prof blog is very strong, but he was one of the sources of... (Category: Administrative)

The Newman Insider Traders Are Going After Their Prosecutors (March 11, 2016)

And they are doing well. They - implausibly, by my reading - got a judge not to dismiss claims that... (Category: Administrative Law, Finance, Financial Crisis, Financial Institutions, Securities)

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