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The Corporate Law Curriculum (December 06, 2007)

Like many law schools, my law school is currently conducting a curriculum review. The Task Force has been asked to... (Category: )

The Barnes Foundation (December 03, 2007)

I'm embarrassed to admit that I lived in the Philly area for six years before I finally visited the The... (Category: Art & Culture)

'Tis the Season (November 29, 2007)

I know the holiday season is here. Not just because the prospect of writing (and grading) exams is looming large,... (Category: Holidays)

CEO Succession (November 27, 2007)

According to an interesting column in yesterday's Wall Street Journal, which you can find here, only about half of corporations... (Category: Corporate Governance)

Thanks For Inviting Me, and "Opt Outs" (November 26, 2007)

Thanks for inviting me to guest blog! I'm a regular reader of the Conglomerate, so I'm looking forward to contributing... (Category: Securities)

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