February 24, 2005

Let the Good Ol' Girls Network Begin -- Susan Crawford's Blog

To recap: Kevin Drum asked why aren't there more female bloggers and gave his own answer. Female bloggers bombarded him with emails, comments and trackbacks telling him (in between profanities) that there are female bloggers, but he wouldn't know because he doesn't read them or link to them. So, I have decided to be part of the solution. I am affirmatively acting to find female law blogs, read them and spotlight them.

For example:

Susan Crawford Blog. Professor Crawford is an expert on cyberlaw and blogs on that topic and other IP issues. She has a lot of super, meaty posts about current cases and concerns in that arena. Professor Crawford teaches at Cardozo School of Law.

If you are a female law professor who blogs regularly, email me and I will take a look and spotlight your blog, with some right reserved to change my mind. Bloggers do this all the time anyway, so this is a mere restatement of our general friendly blog policies.

Posted by Christine at February 24, 2005 10:18 AM | Blogs and Blawgs