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Position Annoucement: Washington & Lee Business School (September 07, 2014)

The school that go me my start in teaching is advertising for someone to join the BA level B school... (Category: Junior Scholars, Legal Scholarship)

Autonomy At Berkshire Hathaway, A Guest Post From Larry Cunningham (September 03, 2014)

Larry's book on Berkshire Beyond Buffett is due in a month, and we'll be reading it on the Glom. Here's... (Category: Business Organizations, Businesses of Note)

Dodd-Frank Whistleblowing Check-In (August 26, 2014)

Joe Nocera thinks that the new SEC whistleblower program is a winner, as it is rewarding people who go first... (Category: Securities)

Trying To Understand New York State's Regulation Of Business (August 20, 2014)

You'd think that the state that's home to the center of American business would take a Delaware-style light touch approach... (Category: Administrative Law, Finance, Financial Crisis, Financial Institutions, White Collar Crime)

After the Deal: Fannie, Freddie and the Financial Crisis Aftermath, by Davidoff Solomon and Zaring (August 17, 2014)

Steve Davidoff Solomon and I have put together a paper on the litigation between the government and the preferred shareholders... (Category: Administrative Law, Corporate Law, Financial Crisis, Financial Institutions)

Noted With Only A Little Comment (August 14, 2014)

We're a family-friendly website, but your tastes may nonetheless run towards the SFW Billion-Dollar Corporate Malfeasance Erotic Fan Fiction. (HT... (Category: Humor)

Living Wills, By Stephen Lubben (August 12, 2014)

I very modestly like living wills, though they seem like a bother that would have to constantly be amended each... (Category: )

Position Annoucement: Washington & Lee Business School (August 11, 2014)

Position Announcement – Washington and Lee University The Department of Business Administration in the Williams School of Commerce, Economics &... (Category: )

Avoiding The Problem Of Disregard In International Regulation (August 06, 2014)

In the American Journal of International Law, Dick Stewart has an excellent piece on Remedying Disregard In Global Regulatory Governance:... (Category: Administrative Law, Globalization/Trade)

The Banco Espirto Santo Bailout (August 05, 2014)

Portugal took the kind of quick action on its second largest bank that is completely by the book. What can... (Category: Finance, Financial Crisis, Financial Institutions)

Welcome, Guest Blogger Eric Orts (July 31, 2014)

In addition to his own blog launch, my colleague Eric Orts has agreed to occasionally blog for us for the... (Category: Administrative)

Position Announcements: Law In Business Schools in Indiana, Texas, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, California, & Ohio (July 29, 2014)

The announcements are after the jump; one of them you may have seen already, but all of them require applications... (Category: Law Schools/Lawyering, Legal Scholarship)

Welcome To The Blogosphere, Ortsian Thoughts and Theories! (July 25, 2014)

My colleague Eric Orts is blogging on business law, business entities, and similar subjects here. Welcome to the blogosphere, Eric! (Category: Blogs and Blawgs)

A Q&A With Larry Cunningham on Berkshire Beyond Buffett Over At Business Law Prof (July 24, 2014)

It's here, done by Joan Hemingway, and is interesting throughout. Larry is guesting over there this week, and goes into... (Category: )

Position Announcement: Business Law At Wharton (July 23, 2014)

Please let those in the business law world know that we're searching this year. I'm the committee chair, so if... (Category: Education, Junior Scholars)

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