February 02, 2004
The Future of Legal Education
Posted by Gordon Smith

Many law students have started their own blogs, but last week one of my students got my attention on this blog, when I discovered a comment on one of my posts. Thanks for the feedback, Will. I wondered why you were smiling in class!

Of course, all of this makes me wonder whether we might use technology more effectively in legal education. I have not made a point of directing my students to this blog, but some of them find it through the Law School's website. I love it when they forward news stories to me, and I suspect that some of them know that the stories will end up here.

There is no inherent reason why this blog, and others like it, could not be used to supplement classroom pedagogy. In my experience, however, students are not all that receptive to technological innovations that increase the amount of time they spend on a subject. Perhaps we should reduce the amount of classtime and encourage blog-interaction? Seriously, I am not convinced that it would be a bad trade for the students.

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