March 07, 2004
Posted by Gordon Smith

Everyone is talking about Martha Stewart, but some people should keep their mouths shut. Mary Becker (my former Contracts professor) is one. From today's New York Times:

"'It's hard to imagine a male in precisely this spot,' she said. 'Targeting a successful woman is very consistent with dominant cultural values.'

Ms. Becker compared the prosecution of Ms. Stewart to criticism of Hillary Rodham Clinton when she was first lady. Women face tougher standards in business and politics, she said, because those arenas are still heavily dominated by men.

Oppression of women is Mary Becker's hammer, and everything looks like a nail. While I agree with those who think that Martha Stewart should not have been prosecuted, she was prosecuted because she was a celebrity, not because she was a woman.

And, no, Hillary wasn't criticized because she was a woman. She was criticized for her failed health-care initiative, Filegate, Travelgate, and the perception that she cannot tell the truth. Among other things.

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